Nike vs Adidas – Which sports provider convinces?

Nike vs Adidas Which sports provider convinces 1 400x280 - Nike vs Adidas - Which sports provider convinces?

Whether Nike or Adidas is a question of taste for fashion enthusiasts. For stock market players, however, it is a difficult investment decision. Adidas and Nike are bitter rivals in the battle for sponsorship contracts, market shares and consumers.

Especially in a football World Cup, rivals are becoming more and more important. It should also be no secret that Nike and Adidas are not the best friends. Again and again there are court cases.

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The history of the manufacturers

Almost everyone knows that Adidas is a German brand. The company is located in Herzogenaurach and this is in the middle of Bavaria. It is the largest sportswear manufacturer in the whole of Europe. The manufactory was founded in 1949 by the brothers Rudolf and Adolf Dassler.

There were a lot of disputes between the two brothers and Rudolf got out. When Rudolf left the company, Puma was founded. In 1989 Adidas was about to leave, but Bernhard Tapid, a French entrepreneur, bought the company. The whole production was relocated to Asia at that time.

In the 90s Madonna was hired to promote Adidas. Nike was founded by Phil Knight in 1964 under the name Blue Ribbon and already one year later there was a turnover of more than 20,000 US dollars. Through aggressive marketing tactics, Nike today ha the market share of more than fifty percent among the athletic footwear in the home country USA. Just-DO-It is an advertising slogan from the 80s and this is still known today.

The popularity of the two manufacturers

At Adidas there are always new collections and the collaboration with different designers. The brand is often about authenticity and authenticity. Adidas is generally a big fan of big fashion houses and musicians. Adidas often has a lot of hype around it and can market itself very well.

When it comes to pure sponsoring, Nike has been able to sink the claws of many well-known super athletes for quite some time. The famous Nike Wave can be seen everywhere, whether in cricket, boxing, basketball, baseball or American football. Nike can also surprise at the

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Super Bowl again and again. The Nike Air Jordan, for example, are often sold out within a few hours. Most of the time, however, they are only new retro versions of original models. The super cool shoes are always a bit improved, but in the long run this can be a bit boring. In general it is never easy to compare two very big brands. The Backround Story at Adidas is more interesting and also longer. After all, the brand survived several economic crises and the Second World War.

However, Nike was able to seize the sportswear market within a short time and today dominates the world market. Without the two brands with sneakers and clothes, many people’s lives would be more complicated, uncomfortable and grey. Both brands are very popular because they are easy to combine and wear.

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