Good vs bad running shoes – What to look out for?

Good vs bad running shoes What to look out for 1 400x280 - Good vs bad running shoes - What to look out for?

If you want to buy suitable running shoes, this means work. However, the effort is necessary to prevent damage to the musculoskeletal system. Pronation, for example, is a very important point.

Among the runners there are neutral runners, overpronation runners and underpronation runners. Pronation refers to the inward rotation of the runner’s foot. With the body it belongs to the natural motion sequence.

Finding the right running shoe

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The choice of shoe is thus influenced by the posture of the foot. The underpronation requires the running shoe with the high cushioning. Each impact is evenly distributed by the very flexible running shoes. The overproniers need the running shoe with the structured and supporting cushioning. The midsole should be firm and in the midfoot area support and cushioning are important. Neutral proniers need running shoes with neutral cushioning.

Normal rolling away from the foot is encouraged and the foot is sustainably supported. In order to prevent incorrect purchases, incorrect postures and incorrect positions should be known. A specialist can clarify this beforehand. The running shoes are then thrown away after about 700 to 1000 kilometres and new ones are needed. The surface is important when buying, because normal running shoes are not suitable for running off-road. All runners should be aware that wrong shoes can cause great damage to the musculoskeletal system.

Only a few people have the desire and time to visit a specialist shop, but this is exactly what is important. Running shoes should be larger than normal street shoes. It is important to buy brand shoes. With the well-known running brands, however, there are hardly any differences in quality. Running shoes from Asics, Brooks, Nike or Adidas are popular.

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Most running shoes then stand out and are colourful. It should be important for runners to be seen in the dark. However, functionality should take precedence over appearance. Attractiveness is second and shoes must fit.

Finding good or bad running shoes

In general, quality always has its price, but running shoes do not have to be paid for a whole month’s income.

However, you have to reckon with about 100 to 150 Euros. Shoes for 180 euros are not automatically better than shoes for 100 euros. Particularly cheap are the reduced shoes from the previous season, but here are usually only remaining sizes available. Buyers should note that the lighter the shoes, the shorter their life. You will find barefoot shoes, off-road shoes, movement control shoes, cushioning shoes, stable shoes or lightweight shoes. There are also running shoes with or without pronation support. Depending on the running surface, the preferences as well as the foot and leg position, suitable shoes are available.

All runners need different shoes. At the specialist shops there is not only the individual consultation, but also the running analysis is carried out.

Not only foot position or cushioning are important, but the runners must feel comfortable in the shoes. The gut feeling is very important when buying. Very cheap running shoes are usually light, but the shoes are also inelastic.

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In the long run the shoes can be very uncomfortable. If brand name shoes are used, there are different materials to ensure a good spring. The sole of cheap shoes is often too thin and then every stone is felt.

Most cheap models are leisure shoes rather than functional running shoes.

Especially the beginners should pay attention to the good running shoes, so that fun is developed at the sport. No matter if hobby runner or marathon athlete, the right pair of running shoes is very important. Who wants to have something from the running shoes for a long time, should pay attention to the solid quality.

Synthetic fibre as upper material is usually light and hard-wearing. The sole and good breathability are also important. When running at low temperatures or in the rain, cold protection and waterproofness are important.

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